Commitments and Standards

Hi there,

I am delighted that you, your child or young person is your care, are considering having hypnotherapy with me. Before we proceed, I ask all adults to complete my Standard Consent Form and all Parents and Guardians of children and Young People to complete the form for Under 18’s.

I also want to make you aware of my standards and commitments in working with you, your child or the young person in your care.

The Purpose of Therapy

My main intention in providing hypnotherapy is to help the person solve or improve the issues they are seeking help with. The sessions will therefore focus intently on your (the client’s) goals and intended outcomes.

My Belief in You

I believe that people are capable, fascinating and resourceful and that they have the solutions to the issues they are facing. Therefore during the sessions I will aim to help clients see, recognise and realise their strengths, resources and the power of their mind, both within and outside the sessions.

Care, Dignity and Respect

I will treat cleints with care, dignity and respect and will not judge you.

Professional Standards

I will work in accordance with the Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy’s (AfSFH) Code of Conduct, Performance and Ethics. These demand a high standard of professionalism, dignity, care and respect in the way hypnotherapy is provided to you. They are publicly available here. Within this Code are important rules about how I work, maintaining my professional competence and how I will look after and protect your personal information and data. For example:

  • I will maintain appropriate insurance, registration (with the AfSFH, the National Council of Hypnotherapy and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council), supervision and continual learning
  • I will keep any information you share with me secure and confidential. I will not share this with another person or organisation. This includes verbal, written and electronic information.
  • I will only use and refer to your information for the specific purpose of providing you with Solution Focused Hypnotherapy
  • I will only disclose information you share with me, to another person, with your consent. The only exceptions are if I were to have significant concerns about an intention of a person to cause serious harm to themselves or another person, or if instructed to by a court of law in the United Kingdom.
  • I am bound by the Code to keep accurate client records. In line with the Data Protection Act, you can request to see all the information I have recorded about you.
  • I will provide hypnotherapy at the agreed location or online, on the agreed days and times and for any fee that will always be agreed in advance.
  • I will provide hypnotherapy to my cleints only if they give their informed consent for me to do so. I will ask you to complete a Consent Form  after the initial conversations or consultations i.e. after you understand how the therapy works and what to expect during and between the sessions.

Andy Hill

Hypnotherapist (Solution Focused)