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Are you looking for therapy in Yeovil to help with strong unwanted emotions, behaviours habit or lifestyle change? If yes, please feel free to get in touch and find out more about hypnotherapy at Ninesprings Natural Health Centre.  The centre is located in a really nice part of the town and just a short walk from the wonderful Ninesprings Country Park

At Ninesprings, I have helped clients with a wide range of issues, including: 

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Appointments are available with me during weekdays, evenings and Saturdays. I  have short waiting times and a flexible approach so can see you quickly.

About Ninesprings Complementary Health Centre

Ninesprings Complementary Health Centre has a long established history of providing complementing therapies in Yeovil. There are a wide range available including Hypnotherapy, Acupuncture, Osteopathy, Herbal Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Massage and Reflexology. 

There is free parking for clients and reception is staffed during normal office hours. Contact details are:  Ninesprings Natural Health Centre, 70 Henford, Yeovil, Somerset. BA20 1UR. Reception desk: 01935 422 488, email: reception@ninespringsclinic.org.

Testimonial From A Recent Client

Here is a genuine testimonial from a local man I recently helped with tinnitus. He had experienced a type of tinnutus called, Pulsatile Tinnitus. This is a rhythmical noise which is heard in the head or ears and pulses at the same rate as the heart beat and can be very intense and disorientating. The tinnitus had been significantly troubling and after having had MRI, CT scans and other tests, the man was informed by the NHS that nothing more could be done to help him. 

In total we had 4 sessions which included hypnosis and self hypnosis practice, acceptance and calming techniques and the use of a tool called the Circles of Control.

I feel I have had an improvement in my general wellbeing since my visits to you, I still have the tinnitus but its effect on my life is reduced, I focus more on my subconscious self now. I often think of the 3 circles we discussed & try to think more about the 1st circle which I can control ...I have imparted this idea to other people, it's so simple but a powerful tool in this age of mass information overload. Thank you again for your kind words and efforts. Sincere Regards
R Smith
Best Hypnotherapy in South Somerset

**Exciting news**: Behypnotherapy has been awarded ‘Best Three Hypnotherapy service in South Somerset’ status for the second year running. Best Three is a totally independent website which judges local services on a 50-point inspection. You can’t buy an award! Click on the rosette above to find out more.

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What I like Most About Ninesprings In Yeovil

What I like most about working at Ninesprings in Yeovil is the positive healing atmosphere, the friendly welcoming reception team (who are all really lovely people) and that I can walk to and from work as it is only a short distance from home. So, it’s good for the me, good for the soul and good for the earth. 

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Hypnotherapy Helps With

Important Things To know About Behypnotherapy In Yeovil

You Are In Full Control

Here are three important things you should know about Hypnotherapy:

  1. You are awake and in full control during hypnosis
  2. The Solution Focused style of Hypnotherapy helps you look forward not back
  3. You will leave the sessions feeling happier, calmer and more optimistic than when you arrived

Professional Safe Service

My service is non-judgemental, confidential and meets with modern professional standards we all now expect.

When you come to see me you will feel safe and treated with care, dignity and respect.

I warmly welcome people (8 years and above) from any background, culture and identity

Trusted Teputation

Please take a look at my reviews by clicking on the Trustindex Rating below. 

These are 100% genuine and written by people I’ve had the oportunity to work with and help.

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