Jennifer’s 3 Minute Feel Happy Audio

Feel happy in just 3 minutes

The wonderful thing about hypnotherapy

One of the wonderful things about being a hypnotherapist is that we can gain as much from the people we work with, as they can gain from us.

As my Hypnotherapy tutor used to say, ‘we are all a work in progress‘ and each and every week I am gently reminded of this through my client’s wisdom, courage and compassion. It is work that often makes me feel humbled, grateful and alive.

One such person is Jennifer (76 yrs), who came to see me recently. She was seeking help to improve her confidence with walking after having had a fall.

I have learnt many things from Jennifer and am pleased to say that she is doing amazingly well,  she now leaves her walking stick at home and feels much more like herself again.


The human mind likes a fair amount of familiarity and during the hypnosis part of sessions, it is particularly important to tailor what we say (and how we say it) to the person in front of us and where they are in life or along the therapy journey, e.g. to go off-script. 

During one hypnosis with Jennifer, I introduced a light hearted suggestion, reflecting the positive mood of the session, that ‘all the billions of cells in your body are giggling’.

I didn’t think much more about this at the time but a few weeks later I received an email from Jennifer with an attachment. The attachment was her own 3 minute hypnotherapy audio which really brought this idea to life. Jennifer’s voice is naturally warm and comforting and the audio cleverly includes a number of hypnotherapy techniques. These include relaxation, focused attention, body awareness, the use of metaphor and direct suggestion – all within an atmosphere of positivity, hope and looking forward. It really is quite brilliant.

It is possible to feel happier in just 3 minutes

The audio is 3 minutes long and bound to leave you feeling uplifted, a little happier and Jennifer has kindly allowed me to share this in the hope that it’s of help to others.

We hope you enjoy it.


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2 Responses

  1. Thank you Jennifer. I really enjoyed this audio and felt calmer and happier after listening to it. I definitely have the ‘cheeky cell’ that continued to remind me of its presence after.

    1. Thank you, Elizabeth.
      And thanks, too, to Andy, who, as he does so well, made the perfect comment at just the right moment, inspiring me to write and record the audio.
      Keep smiling and giggling!

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