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My name is Andy Hill and I work as a full time hypnotherapist in South Somerset (UK) and online. I am very fortunate to love my job and really enjoy learning and developing my practice. These posts are intended to share some of this learning and I welcome comments and further discussion about them.

Check My Anxiety Levels

Here is a simple tool you can use to gauge the severity of your anxiety symptoms. It is free to use, and no information is recorded when you use it.

Hypnotherapy Can Help With Depression

Research by Universiti Kebangasaan in Malaysia shows that hypnotherapy is effective in reducing symptoms of depression. Read my summary of these important findings.

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne Book Review

A potentially life-changing yet controversial book about the Law of Attraction. May inspire and concern the reader in places. Promotes both spirituality and materialism. Generous in its attempt to empower everyone to have more joy and happiness in our lives.

Why Do I Have Anxiety

Do you suffer with anxiety? In this article Andy Hill shares his experience of helping people improve their anxiety with hypnotherapy.

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