Save Your life,

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By Stop Smoking 

Stop Smoking or Stop Vaping
with Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy helps you stop smoking or stop vaping using the incredible power of your mind.  Whether you’ve been smoking for 1 year or 40 years, you can achieve success with hypnotherapy.

My approach involves 2 sessions which are usually held about 1 week apart. I also offer an optional 3rd session to celebrate your success.

Because you stop the habit using the power of your mind, you’ll have no further costs, and soon make your money back. 

So why not get in touch and find out more? There’s nothing to lose and so much to gain. 

I have helped many people to move on from smoking and vaping and would love to help you too.

Bark Review By Sarah

‘I wanted to give up smoking, quite a big ask as I’ve been smoking for 40 years. I couldn’t have done this without Andy.’ 

The Sessions

Since qualifying, I have provided hypnotherapy to around 70 people who were smoking or vaping and refined my approach as I ‘ve learnt what works best. When I started, I followed the standard practice of offering a single 2-hour stop smoking session but often found this too restrictive on time. I now follow a more thorough 2-session approach as follows: 

Session 1

This session allows us to get to know each other a little and involves me taking a detailed history of your smoking habits and reasons for wanting to stop. I also share important information about how smoking and vaping affect our mind and why we get stuck in the habit. We also talk about helpful things you can start to think about or do in the following week (Preparation Week) to start getting your mind prepared. This session can take up to 1.5 hours to give us plenty of time.

Session 2

This session takes place about 1 week after Session 1. This involves 2 hypnosis, an initial light hypnosis where I ask you to make adjustments in the mind and then a second, deep hypnosis, where I can play back some of the things you said are important into the mind, in a deeply calm and very receptive state. I sometimes describe this as switching the habit off at a deep level. This session takes about an hour.

Session 3 – (Optional via Zoom)

I also offer all my clients a free 3rd session after one week of being smoke free. In this we celebrate the success and the positive changes you are already and the hypnosis focuses on the future, looking forward and ‘where next?’ in life. This session takes about 40 minutes. This session takes places online via Zoom.

In addition, all clients have access to my guided hypnosis audio which some people find helpful to also listen to.


I currently charge £149 for all of the above.


My Standard Stop Smoking package is £129

Stop Smoking hypnotherapy is usually organised in two sessions. 

In the first session of about 1.5 hours we go through your smoking history and a bit about you. We also talk about why we get stuck and how to make stopping easy. We talk through anything you would like to do in the next week which we call ‘Preparation Week’.

In the second session (of about an hour) we have a quick recap of what’s gone well and any worries you may have and then do the stop smoking hypnosis.

My Standard Stop Smoking package is £149. This includes:

  • support phone calls or Zoom meetings before and shortly after the session should you need them
  • Hypnotherapy Session 1
  • Hypnotherapy Session 2
  • Optional Session 3
  • My self-hypnosis audio

Additional sessions to help you with other issues are charged at my usual rate.

Stopping smoking does not need huge amounts of courage, willpower or strength of character. You have plenty of these already. 

It requires an act of self kindness and your mind will do the rest.

During the session we teach you all about this.

When you sign up to Stop Smoking or Stop Vaping with Behypnotherapy, I plan for complete success and tailor the support package to your unique needs.

Some people are quite happy with the main sessions only and that is absolutely fine.

Some people prefer additional support which can involve telephone, zoom or in person meetings before and after the main session.

When we talk initially we can agree the support you would like to have.

As far as I know, most people who come for Stop Smoking are successful. A small number have needed an additional or top-up session before they were completely successful. The success of Stop Smoking depends on both the hypnotherapy and the person wanting to stop (because hypnotherapy cannot make you do something you don’t in fact want to do).

When you come for Stop Smoking with Behypnotherapy, we plan for success whether you need one or more sessions.

No specific preparation is needed. There are 3 things that some people have found helpful.

1) to cut down your nicotine intake in the week leading up to the Stop Smoking session as this can reduce withdrawal symptoms particularly if you have smoked heavily for a long time

2) make changes to your usual smoking place e.g. your home, porch, car etc so that when you leave the session, you ‘walk back’ into a non-smoking environment and

3) have a list prepared of enjoyable things that you will do instead of smoking

If you have been smoking for some time, your body will naturally go through some adjustment as the nicotine levels reduce. This happens quickly and for most people these are mild and don’t last long. They tend to be stronger at times and in locations that you used to smoke and can be significantly reduced by having the right mindset. In your life you have dealt with much more difficult things than nicotine withdrawal symptoms and during the session I will teach you all about this and how to get your mind on your side to help. 

Online and face to face sessions are equally effective. I have helped many people to stop smoking online and in person. You choose what suits you best. In my experience there are no differences in the outcomes.

All you need for an online Stop Smoking session is:

  1. A smart phone, laptop or tablet
  2. A pair of earphones or headphones
  3. A reasonable internet connection
  4. A quiet place to sit where you won’t be disturbed

Yes, Vaping and Smoking are two forms of nicotine addiction. The hypnotherapy sessions are very similar.

Why do we smoke?

We all know that smoking tobacco is a hideous and harmful habit, it costs us the earth and takes away years of our life. So why do we do it? Why do all those wonderful, intelligent, health-conscious people across the world smoke, despite the smell, the financial cost, the guilt, the hiding, the feeling of being dependent and a deep desire to ensure our children and their children don’t follow in this path? In my experience there are three main reasons:


  1. Nicotine: Nicotine weaves into our emotional regulation and reward system and our subconscious mind starts to believe that cigarettes help us when in fact it is the cigarettes themselves that cause cravings and a feeling like anxiety when nicotine levels reduce. 
  2. Telling ourselves that it’s difficult: We are surrounded by messages that keep telling us that stopping smoking is difficult. This is very convenient for companies who want to sell you cigarettes or nicotine alternatives but stopping smoking is much easier than you think. If we tell ourselves that something is going to be really difficult, to some extent we expect this and make it difficult (without meaning to). When we tell and reassure ourselves that something is going to be ok, it generally is.
  3. Unconscious promises to others: For everyone I have helped to stop there are one or more very strong, often forgotten social bonds, social connections or identity issues that become bound up with smoking. 


The Stop Smoking / Vaping hypnotherapy sessions help you understand all of the above and direct the incredible power of your mind to help you move on finally and completely from smoking.

Please get in touch if you would like to find out more. I am confident that I can help you.

Take good care


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Stop Smoking In Person