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Low Confidence

Is Confidence Holding You Back?

Are you struggling with a lack of confidence

Are you holding yourself back from doing things, putting yourself forward,  saying how you feel or acknowledging what you need?

If these are true for you, you are not alone. These are very common feelings and most of us go through short periods in life where our confidence and self-esteem take a dip. But if they persist for longer they can have adverse affects on our wellbeing, limit our opportunities and really get in the way.

Come and find out how hypnotherapy can help with confidence.

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What Is Confidence?

Confidence is a having a reasonable feeling of self-appreciation and self-assurance about your own abilities and qualities. Having a little confidence allows us to believe in ourselves and be ourselves, when we are on our own or with others, to take up and create positive opportunities in life.

Self-esteem is similar and relates to the opinion we have of ourselves. When we have low self-esteem, we tend to see ourselves in a negative light and be very self-critical.

When our confidence and self-esteem are low, we can think that people may not  like us, we can feel ‘not good enough’ or even worthless. We may feel less able to make decisions and less able to be ourselves in certain situations.  Sadly, we can also blame ourselves for things that are not our fault and forget to recognise our strengths and what is good and wonderful about us.

How Hypnotherapy Can Help

Solution focused hypnotherapy can help people gain more confidence and start to see themselves in a more positive light again. This is usually achieved by taking small steps to start with. 

As part of the therapy we explain how and why strong negative emotions arise from our subconscious mind and how we can help reassure and calm these down. We also help you reimagine how you want to feel and how you would like life to be and the smallest steps you might be willing to take towards this.

Unique to hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis or trance which helps you see and visualise your preferred life from a state of mind that is calm and deeply relaxed. Seeing and connecting with this calm, positive and wise part of the mind seems to help people connect with their strengths, resources and imagination and start to take those initial confidence building steps. 

“It has truly enhanced my life, giving me the tools to deal with my once constant self doubt. I highly recommend Andy, I wish I had found him sooner”

Self Care

When it comes to self confidence and self-esteem there is a lot we can all do to help improve this. The most important thing to remember is that feeling more confident requires action, nothing heroic or too big but it does require changing things a little at a time. Ultimately, if we want to be more confident, we have to do things that build confidence, one small step at a time.

We can help to improve our confidence by doing small things like connecting with other people with whom we feel safe, moving in the world, doing a  little exercise and getting one or two things done. We can list and remember the good things about us and our achievements,  divert our attention to creativity or gardening or doing someone else a favour. We can also engage with support groups or access other forms of help.

Two golden rules about confidence are a) to do small things to start with and build up from there and b) remember to treat ourselves with a little of the compassion and kindness we would naturally show others.